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If you've never heard of NAET, you are not alone, but this procedure is growing more and more in popularity as a natural and drug-free solution for allergic reactions. NAET was discovered accidentally by a doctor who was actually trying to treat her own allergies.

Get relief from these allergens:

Balance your energy

  • Herbs and pollen grasses

  • Vitamins

  • Clothing

  • Paint and silicone

  • Latex and plastics

  • Chemicals

Let NAET work to balance your energy for relief from a multitude of allergic reactions and a vast improvement for your overall health.


Let our therapists, Jonathan Geismar, M.S.L. Ac. Dipl. C.H. and Christina Tufano, L.M.T. Certified Rolfer, tailor their approach to your specific needs.


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We accept most insurance plans in order to provide you with the safe and natural alternative health care you deserve.

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