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Let us focus on your structural alignment and balanced body movement through manipulation of your connective tissue and detailed body education. You can rely on our highly trained professionals for natural ways to heal your symptoms.

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The Rolfer will begin with a short program of observation in which the client will be asked to stand, walk or sit. When the observations are complete the client will be asked to lie on a padded table similar to a massage table. The Rolfer will then use his hands to apply sensitive and precise pressure to specific areas of the body. Some of the treatment may involve sitting or standing. Clients may also learn new ways of moving and will be eased out of old habits or movement patterns that are negative to the whole person.

We offer ten complete rolfing sessions to help you correct any postural imbalances and eliminate all the pain you may be feeling.


With each session, we build upon the last one, working from superficial to deep muscle tissue layers to provide you with the freedom of movement you deserve.


Rolfing and structural integration

We specialize in the art of rolfing, so let our experts give you the care you need to work toward your total health and wellness.

We accept most insurance for your convenience.

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Christina Tufano L.M.T.

Christina is a certified rolfer with a degree in massage therapy. She has been with us since 2005.